Search by picture description

Find reproductions and commentaries for book art based on a description of the painting. For this search, you need to input descriptive keywords for the work. As you input text, the database will suggest possible matches. If you wish, you may also specify that the picture is found within the works of a particular Islamic author or text. The search will prioritise your choices and also show other representations of the same scene if available.

For fastest results, input keywords into the "Picture description (consistent)" box on the left; use the other box to help resolve issues.

Hint 1: Mouse over QUERY BOX labels for search tips.
Hint 2: Click inside a QUERY BOX to see a list of options, or enter text to see options containing that text.
Hint 3: Default RESULTS only show about half the available data. Use the 'SHOW/HIDE COLUMNS' button to see more.
Hint 4: In RESULTS, click on the "LINKS & IMAGES" icon or thumbnail for important DETAILS FLYOUT and IMAGE LINKS.
Hint 5: Re-sort RESULTS by clicking on up/down arrows in column headers; re-arrange columns by dragging column headers.
Hint 6: Search within RESULTS using the "Find within results" search box.
Hint 7: Click any blue entry in CONSISTENT DESCRIPTION column to go direct to relevant image page on collection website.
Hint 8: Click other blue entries in RESULTS for additional information flyouts.